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June 3, 2013
The Majestic Theater: Making Downtown a Little Greener
The Majestic Theater: Making Downtown a Little Greener

Since November 2009, The Majestic 12 Theater has been entertaining downtown movie patrons. Still, many may not realize how “green” their local movie theater really is. The Majestic 12 earned a LEED Gold Rating from the U.S. Green Building Council in 2010, meaning the building is considered energy and water efficient while also being environmentally-friendly and cost efficient. 


The building received a rating of five out of five for water efficiency, which has been achieved through its greywater system. The greywater system uses an outdoor cistern that holds 10,000 gallons of water. The rainwater in this tank is collected from roof runoff and is piped inside the building for non-potable uses like flushing the toilets. The use of this water system reduces storm water runoff, as well as the amount of treated tap water used by the theater by 66%.


The Majestic also offers an educational component for school groups to tour the facility and learn about how the theater achieved its LEED certification. Normal Park Elementary School Fourth Grade Teacher, Ms. Jamie Tipton, shared the following with us about her class’s recent adventure to the cinema.


"At Normal Park, we thrive to make connections with the museums in our city to the materials being presented and studied within the classroom. In fourth grade, students learn the importance of "Going Green in Chattanooga." We discuss how Chattanooga was declared the "Dirtiest City in America" in 1969 and how people in the community revamped and renewed the city to its beauty today. We are so fortunate to be able to take Learning Expeditions too many places in our city that are LEED certified, one being the Majestic Theater. To the everyday passerby, it is a place to enjoy the latest Blockbuster movie, but to the students of Normal Park it is much more. We explored the outside of the building discussing its location close to public transit, the reused bricks, and the water cistern creating the greywater system. Our self-guided tour lead us inside where the students quickly started pointing out features that make the facility green. They instantly notice the buildings lighting, windows from floor to ceiling, and soon discover that the building used low VOC materials when painting and adhering glue to hold the carpet down. Our students respect and appreciate all the time that went into making the Majestic a LEED Gold Certified building for our community!"


The next time you visit The Majestic 12, take note of the 10 Green Building informational panels on the inside and outside of the building and enjoy your “green” movie.