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September 26, 2017
Passageways Goes Permanent
Passageways Goes Permanent

Another round of alleyway transformation is set for Downtown Chattanooga. Passageways 2.0 - a program of River City Co, Cogent Studio and Public Art Chattanooga, is seeking multi-disciplinary design teams to create a permanent art and architecture installation in a newly renovated alleyway in City Center.


With a project implementation budget of $80,000, a request for proposals, RFP, process is currently open and seeking unique, innovative design concepts with a cohesive artistic vision to be implemented in the roughly 6,200 square foot alleyway located behind the new Market City Center mixed use development at 728 Market Street. This alley is publicly accessible from three entrances: through the Market City Center indoor arcade, from East 7th Street and from the 700 block of Cherry Street where a round one Passageways winner, Office Feuerman from Sydney, Australia, has donated their installation – Urban Chandelier to transfer this temporary alleyway installation into a permanent art piece for our city.


With such an overwhelmingly positive response to the first round of Passageways, we knew we had to continue this program. Instead of creating more temporary alleyways, we heard from the community how exciting it would be to have a permanent alleyway with art, light and activity. And while we work to launch this new lasting alleyway piece, we are also working to maximize the life and use of the temporary alleys from round one.


Up to three teams will be selected from this RFP process and awarded $3,000 stipends to further develop site specific designs to activate the proposed alleyway and create a vibrant pedestrian corridor. The project entails designing a spatial installation that is habitable and can be adapted for use as a small public event space. This opportunity is open to design teams internationally, and we are utilizing the vetted Public Art Chattanooga selection process that relies on the expertise of our local art and design community to select the winning design that will enhance our civic environment for both visitors and residents.


With nearly 80 submissions from the first round of Passageways in 2016, River City Company continued to animate the alleyways with the winning installations with free, community events. From movie screenings to concerts, River City Company partnered with 55 community organizations and local businesses to host 22 community-led events with a total of 4,000 attendees over the course of a year. The purpose of the year-long animation was to increase foot traffic in City Center and to offer opportunities for the community to engage with the installations over an extended period of time.


With the help of our partner Cogent Studio, Passageways 2.0 will continue to exemplify the idea that well designed places evoke community and create a new space that is enduring and intended for many uses.


Passageways 2.0 is made possible by the Benwood and Lyndhurst Foundations. The receipt deadline for design team proposals is Friday, Nov. 3, 2017 by 12:00pm EST. The winning installation will be selected in the spring and will be installed summer to fall of 2018. For more information, to download the full RFP or to submit a finalized proposal, please visit