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August 27, 2013
Meet Our Program Coordinator: Paige Southard
Meet Our Program Coordinator: Paige Southard

If it’s happening downtown, Paige is helping to pull the strings. Since her move in January, Paige has been hard at work making the city buzz with events like Fresh on Fridays, Clean and Green and Park(ing) Day. She is currently organizing Movies at Center Park, a multi Saturday event with live music, street food and cult classic films.


Animation, that is the purpose behind the programs that Paige works on so tirelessly. Especially in public spaces, Paige wants to showcase that people come downtown, they play downtown, they eat downtown and just generally enjoy downtown.


When she’s not promoting good times in Chattanooga, Paige enjoys boating on the river, riding bikes around Chattanooga with her boyfriend Toni and hiking through all the beautiful outdoor areas the region has to offer. She’s active, with the spirit of a Chattanoogan, and a love for adventure and fun. It is no wonder she calls our city home.  


A graduate of Florida State University, Paige has a degree in Business Management and is proud to serve on the Board of Directors for the Chattanooga Convention and Visitors Bureau. With her love for events, Paige has planned other fun Chattanooga happenings like Fireside Talks, a forum for young leaders under 23 to share innovative ideas and their experience in entrepreneurship and Maker Day 2013, an event drawing attendees from all over the nation to showcase fifteen 3D printers on the 4th Floor of the Chattanooga Public Library.


Chattanooga has a bright future, and Paige would like to see more original entertainment come as a part of that. She hopes that young professionals and families will be drawn to the area, and that there will always be more to do in our Scenic City.       


Chattanooga is a fun and energized place to be, and it’s because people like Paige are making it happen.