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March 26, 2013
Cash Mobs Hitting Downtown in 2013
Cash Mobs Hitting Downtown in 2013

Is a Cash Mob one of those Flash Mobs? Is there dancing involved? Well, you could dance because you are so excited to support small business, but Cash Mobs are typically dance-free, organized days when shoppers descend on a locally owned small business to "mob" them with purchases.


Cash Mobs are designed to give local entrepreneurs a little boost with individuals encouraged to spend $10-$20 on the designated day at the selected establishment. Until the day of the mob, hints are given via social media to breed excitement and get people to put on their thinking caps. On the day of the mob, the location is revealed on Facebook and Twitter with the hopes that locals will overwhelming respond to the call to support the selected small business.


On February 12th, the first Cash Mob was held at Sewn to the Sky-a local art, gift and textiles store at 827 Chestnut Street. On that day, owner Carrie Pendergrass saw about 40% of sales going to new customers along with selling about 5 times what she normally does on a weekday.


Another Cash Mob will be held on Tuesday, April 16th along with mobs in June and August. To find out about Downtown Cash Mobs, follow our Downtown Chattanooga Facebook page and Twitter.