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August 27, 2013
A Call for Park(ers)
A Call for Park(ers)

Park(ing) Day is Friday, September 20th. River City Co is leading the charge in organizing this mini-park creation event and would love for your park to make an appearance.


Park(ing) Day is an international event originally created by a San Francisco based art and design studio to encourage communities to rethink the way streets are used. It reinforces the need for broad-based changes to urban infrastructure to promote healthy, vibrant and walkable urban areas.


From 11am-6pm, Chattanoogans will get the opportunity to create and enjoy numerous parklets or mini-parks constructed in downtown metered parking spaces. Individuals, community groups, businesses, non-profits and others who would be interested in creating a parklet are welcome. There is no fee associated with participating in Park(ing) Day, and groups are tasked with being creative and engaging when designing and implementing their parks. Last year, over 30 parklets were created by participants like The Company Lab, Chattanooga Zoo, ArtsBuild, DeBarge Winery and more with activities ranging from  mini-golf, wine tasting, a bookmobile, piano performances, jazz, corn hole, drum circles and many others.


To participate in Park(ing) Day, please call 423.265.3700 or email with your name, organization (if applicable), phone number, preferred parking location and planned activity.